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Design &



Spa Repair

Swimming Pool &

Water Treatment

Maintenance &

Major structural concrete pool repairs and painting, leak detection, line pressure testing, skimmer installations, vinyl liner repairs and replacements to name a few.

Quality and professional design and construction services making your dreams a reality. We work closely with our customers to make your experience a moment to remember.

Building for today with an attitude to protect tomorrow.

Onsite water testing for chlorine, bromine, ph, total alkalinity, calcium and stablizer maintaining water balance.

We also offer weekly and biweekly vacuum services with our maintenance packages.



Gem pools is a third generation family owned and operated business, building and maintaining residential and commercial pools for over thirty years throughout the GTA and sourounding areas.

Our goal is to provide the consumer with service which is second to no other.

With the aid of our sister companies and premier properties we provide superior service in all aspects of the construction industry.

Gem Pools is in the business of building and renovating residential swimming pools and hard surface landscapes.


We offer a professionally designed and highly tailored construction service to the consumer and a collaborative problem solving service to designers and other professionals.


We are a practical and disciplined builder with self-set and self-maintained standard of excellence who come to work every day knowing we know how to build even better projects and provide better service.


We are focused on customer needs and yet willing to tell the customer what he or she needs to know to help him or her define those needs.


Our inspiration is to be the best in our business, and we sleep well when we do that.

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